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I am DANIEL BUTLER, living in Prague. Please go to my business site, DanielButler.eu, or meander down below to see What I do, What I've done, Where I've been. This is not a Travel Website..

What I Do

I drive kids to school, I cook a lot, I support my wife who is saving the worlds of many small children. Always I am tired, but living life with very exciting children.


Who I Am

I am an American citizen and later and Australian, citizen, dually. I come from a biggish family, on both East and West coasts of the states. I am a wimp about my dogs, I love to go out and meet people in various countries. I make friends; I keep friends. I call a lot. I laugh a lot.


My Work

Presently I do business development for gas trading and am keeping an eye on the Central Europe to Balkans for opportunities as these countries open up for two way gas flows (and arbitrage). In the past 20 years I have lived in many countries on 3 continents working in capital markets trading, sales trading; emerging markets wholesale broking, distressed bond sourcing, carbon and enviornmental credits broking, and now gas business develoment and trading of gas in Central Europe.

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Say Hello.

You should write me. Dantravels at gmail .coney island. (Well, you know it is really com).